Out of Italy 1450 1650

Titre : Out of Italy 1450 1650
Auteur : Fernand Braudel
Éditeur : Flammarion-Pere Castor
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015022037769
Libération : 1991

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By 1450, all of Europe and the Mediterranean were influenced by the teachings, the economies and the intellect of Italy. Its predominance had been achieved through a long history of effort, patience and strategic victories. How had Italy, or rather a handful of Italian cities, a few men all told, succeed in acquiring and maintaining a position of dominance "vis-a-vis" Byzantium, Islam, and western Europe? In this fascinating and insightful study, Fernand Braudel, one of the most distinguished historians of our time, examines the many-sided phenomenon of greatness that characterized Italy during the two centuries spanning the Renaissance, Mannerism, and the Baroque-- dazzling, multicoloured Italy, whose radiance shone all over Europe. Braudel perceptively describes the extent, nature and force of Italian influence abroad, analyses the complex interaction between art, science, politics and commerce, and proposes a paradigm of Italy's extraordinary cultural flowering. This is the first English translation of Braudel's now-classic text. The volume is beautifully designed and illustrated with works by Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Ghirlandaio, van Eyck, Rubens, Caron, and Poussin. It is an invaluable work for students of Italian history who will find that their understanding of Italian culture has been immeasurably enriched. Fernand Braudel was born in Lumeville-en-Ornois in 1902. He graduated in history in 1923, and subsequently taught in Algiers, Sao Paulo and Paris. Beginning in 1940 he spent five years as a prisoner of war in Germany, during which he wrote his thesis "La Mediterranee et le monde mediterraneen a l'epoque de Philippe II," published in France in 1949. In 1946he became a member of the editorial board of the journal "Annales," founded by Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre. In 1949 he succeeded Febvre at the College de France. From 1962 to his death in 1985 Braudel was chief administrator of the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme. Fernand Braudel achieved a worldwide reputation for his line of approach that united history and other social studies. His "Civilization and Capitalism" and" The Mediterranean" were widely acclaimed. The second volume of Fernand Braudel's monumental "The Identity of France" was published in 1990.


Titre : Reformations
Auteur : Carlos M. N. Eire
Éditeur : Yale University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780300220681
Libération : 2016-06-28

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This fast-paced survey of Western civilization’s transition from the Middle Ages to modernity brings that tumultuous period vividly to life. Carlos Eire, popular professor and gifted writer, chronicles the two-hundred-year era of the Renaissance and Reformation with particular attention to issues that persist as concerns in the present day. Eire connects the Protestant and Catholic Reformations in new and profound ways, and he demonstrates convincingly that this crucial turning point in history not only affected people long gone, but continues to shape our world and define who we are today. The book focuses on the vast changes that took place in Western civilization between 1450 and 1650, from Gutenberg’s printing press and the subsequent revolution in the spread of ideas to the close of the Thirty Years’ War. Eire devotes equal attention to the various Protestant traditions and churches as well as to Catholicism, skepticism, and secularism, and he takes into account the expansion of European culture and religion into other lands, particularly the Americas and Asia. He also underscores how changes in religion transformed the Western secular world. A book created with students and nonspecialists in mind, Reformations is an inspiring, provocative volume for any reader who is curious about the role of ideas and beliefs in history.

Renaissance Architecture

Titre : Renaissance Architecture
Auteur : David Thomson
Éditeur : Manchester University Press
ISBN-13 : 0719039630
Libération : 1993

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In this illustrated history of the architecture of Renaissance Europe, David Thomson demonstrates how Renaissance architecture attracted much contemporary criticism for its excessive display of personal wealth and status.

Braudel Revisited

Titre : Braudel Revisited
Auteur : Teofilo F. Ruiz
Éditeur : University of Toronto Press
ISBN-13 : 9781442641334
Libération : 2010

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Fernand Braudel (1912-1985), was a leading French historian and author of, among other books, the groundbreaking The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II (1949). One of the founders of the Annales School in France, Braudel insisted on treating the Mediterranean region as a whole, irrespective of religious and national divides. Braudel's new historiography rejected political history as the dominant discipline and espoused a 'total history' or a 'history from below' that would tell the story of the vast majority of humanity hitherto excluded from the grand narrative. At the time of the book's appearance, this premise was revolutionary. The contributors to Braudel Revisited assess the impact of Braudel's work on today's academic world, in light of subsequent methodological shifts. Engaging with Braudel's texts as well as with his ideas, the essays in this volume speak to the enduring legacy of his work on the ongoing exploration of early modern history.

Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing

Titre : Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing
Auteur : Kelly Boyd
Éditeur : Taylor & Francis
ISBN-13 : 1884964338
Libération : 1999-01

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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Europe s Reformations 1450 1650

Titre : Europe s Reformations 1450 1650
Auteur : James D. Tracy
Éditeur : Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN-13 : 0742537897
Libération : 2006-01-01

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In this widely praised history, noted scholar James D. Tracy offers a comprehensive, lucid, and masterful exploration of early modern Europe's key turning point. Establishing a new standard for histories of the Reformation, Tracy explores the complex religious, political, and social processes that made change possible, even as he synthesizes new understandings of the profound continuities between medieval Catholic Europe and the multi-confessional sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This revised edition includes new material on Eastern Europe, on how ordinary people experienced religious change, and on the pluralistic societies that began to emerge. Reformation scholars have in recent decades dismantled brick by brick the idea that the Middle Ages came to an abrupt end in 1517. Martin Luther's Ninety-five Theses fitted into an ongoing debate about how Christians might better understand the Gospel and live its teachings more faithfully. Tracy shows how Reformation-era religious conflicts tilted the balance in church-state relations in favor of the latter, so that the secular power was able to dictate the doctrinal loyalty of its subjects. Religious reform, Catholic as well as Protestant, reinforced the bonds of community, while creating new divisions within towns, villages, neighborhoods, and families. In some areas these tensions were resolved by allowing citizens to profess loyalty both to their separate religious communities and to an overarching body-politic. This compromise, a product of the Reformations, though not willed by the reformers, was the historical foundation of modern, pluralistic society. Richly illustrated and elegantly written, this book belongs in the library of all scholars, students, and general readers interested in the origins, events, and legacy of Europe's Reformation.

The Book Trade in the Italian Renaissance

Titre : The Book Trade in the Italian Renaissance
Auteur : Angela Nuovo
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9789004208490
Libération : 2013-06-21

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This pioneering study approaches the new printed-book industry in Renaissance Italy from the perspective of its publishers and booksellers, analyzing their responses to the challenges of production and their creative approaches to the distribution and sale of their merchandise.

European Helmets 1450 1650

Titre : European Helmets 1450 1650
Auteur : Stuart W. Pyhrr
Éditeur : Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN-13 : 9780870999406
Libération : 2000-01-01

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Stuart W. Pyhrr A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de European Helmets 1450 1650 Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Women and Faith

Titre : Women and Faith
Auteur : Lucetta Scaraffia
Éditeur : Harvard University Press
ISBN-13 : 0674954785
Libération : 1999

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Feminist thought has wrestled with the question of whether religion has been principally responsible for the oppression of women or instead has provided access to culture, public life, and--sometimes--power. This study of Italian women and Catholicism from the fourth through the twentieth century reflects this conflict and the tension between the masculine character of divinity in the Catholic Church and the potential for equality in the gospels and early writings ("neither male nor female, but one in Jesus"). The various chapters in this book consider the institutions within which religious women lived, many of which they themselves founded or reorganized. In addition to overviews of women and the religious life throughout the periods under study, specific chapters focus on mystical marriage, religious writings by women, secular writings by nuns, women in sacred images, women in the nineteenth-century Christian family, Marian pilgrimages, and depictions of sisters and saints in film. The authors, leading American, Italian, and French scholars, have drawn on rich resources to provide a panorama of sixteen centuries of Italian history, religious history, and women's history.

Women Writing Back Writing Women Back

Titre : Women Writing Back Writing Women Back
Auteur : Anke Gilleir
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9789004184633
Libération : 2010

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Privileging both a transnational and a sociological approach, this volume explores the position of women in the early modern literary field, emphasising the international scope of their literature and examining their historical position, influence, network and dialogues.