Britain from the Rails

Titre : Britain from the Rails
Auteur : Vay Le, Julian
Éditeur : Bradt Travel Guides
ISBN-13 : 9781841629193
Libération : 2014-12-01

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A quirky and fascinating guide to Britain's railways, Bradt's Britain from the Rails is perfect not only as an entertaining armchair read but as a handy guidebook to help readers explore the country at a slower, more personal pace. This expanded and updated second edition has an attractive fresh design, clear maps and a new section on 'Britain's Secret Railways'. Full of fascinating titbits, weird accidents and odd characters, it is a thorough and humorous collection perfect for commuters and local history fans alike. With the number of 'staycations' on the rise and increased interest in lowering one's carbon footprint, this guide helps those who don't, can't or won't drive or fly. Author Benedict Le Vey is a national newspaper sub-editor who has also written Bradt's popular Eccentric titles.

Off the Rails

Titre : Off the Rails
Auteur : Andrew Murray
Éditeur : Verso
ISBN-13 : 1859844960
Libération : 2002

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Rail industry insider Andrew Murray presents both a damning indictment of the chaos on the British railways over the past seventeen years and a constructive outline of ways the system could be made to work after the demise of Railtrack.

Rails in the Road

Titre : Rails in the Road
Auteur : Oliver Green
Éditeur : Pen and Sword
ISBN-13 : 9781473869400
Libération : 2016-10-31

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There have been passenger tramways in Britain for 150 years, but it is a rollercoaster story of rise, decline and a steady return. Trams have come and gone, been loved and hated, popular and derided, considered both wildly futuristic and hopelessly outdated by politicians, planners and the public alike. Horse trams, introduced from the USA in the 1860s, were the first cheap form of public transport on city streets. Electric systems were developed in nearly every urban area from the 1890s and revolutionised town travel in the Edwardian era. A century ago, trams were at their peak, used by everyone all over the country and a mark of civic pride in towns and cities from Dover to Dublin. But by the 1930s they were in decline and giving way to cheaper and more flexible buses and trolleybuses. By the 1950s all the major systems were being replaced. London’s last tram ran in 1952 and ten years later Glasgow, the city most firmly linked with trams, closed its network down. Only Blackpool, famous for its decorated cars, kept a public service running and trams seemed destined only for scrapyards and museums. A gradual renaissance took place from the 1980s, with growing interest in what are now described as light rail systems in Europe and North America. In the UK and Ireland modern trams were on the streets of Manchester from 1992, followed successively by Sheffield, Croydon, the West Midlands, Nottingham, Dublin and Edinburgh (2014). Trams are now set to be a familiar and significant feature of twenty-first century urban life, with more development on the way.

Ben Le Vay s Eccentric Britain

Titre : Ben Le Vay s Eccentric Britain
Auteur : Benedict Le Vay
Éditeur : Bradt Travel Guides
ISBN-13 : 9781841623757
Libération : 2011

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A Tesco on every corner, Boden catalogues piled through the letterbox, and Center Parcs holidays - Britain has been overrun by all-pervasive corporate sameness. Or has it? Ben le Vay - expert on all things eccentric - reveals the quirky gems hidden near your home: hotter than the spice girls everywhere, Norfolk's fascinating Mustard Museum; Devon's Gnome Reserve, home to over 1,000 of Britain's beloved garden characters; or the fourth Earl of Dunmore's eccentric home, The Pineapple. Encompassing eccentric pastimes, aristocrats and bizarre last wishes, Ben le Vay's Eccentric Britain is both a humorous and entertaining read, as well as practical guide to some of Britain's most peculiar and unexpected monuments, gardens and museums. Benedict le Vay is a features editor on a leading British newspaper. He spends his spare time researching zany facts about the British and their way of life. He is also the author of Bradt's Eccentric London and Britain from the Rails.


Titre : Panama
Auteur : Sarah Woods
Éditeur : Bradt Travel Guides
ISBN-13 : 1841622605
Libération : 2009-08-15

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The second edition of Bradt’s award-winning guide to Panama, now fully revised and updated. It’s the most thorough guide on the market covering eco-tourism, beaches, festivals, cities and much more besides.

Bradt Abruzzo

Titre : Bradt Abruzzo
Auteur : Luciano Di Gregorio
Éditeur : Bradt Travel Guides
ISBN-13 : 1841622702
Libération : 2010

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The only English-language guide to Abruzzo, a region of Italy untouched by mass tourism yet only an hour's drive from Rome. It's written by an author born and bred in Abruzzo.

Lake Baikal

Titre : Lake Baikal
Auteur : Marc Di Duca
Éditeur : Bradt Travel Guides
ISBN-13 : 184162294X
Libération : 2010

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This is the only English-language guide to the Lake Baikal area. It covers the major cities, towns and sites in the area, as well as local culture, wildlife, history, religion and cuisine.


Titre : Greece
Auteur : Andrew Bostock
Éditeur : Bradt Travel Guides
ISBN-13 : 1841623075
Libération : 2010

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From the evocative ruins of Olympia to the towering Taygetos mountains, from crystal-clear seas and pristine beaches to stone villages steeped in tradition, with clear advice and honest opinions Bradt's Peloponnese shows you all.


Titre : Botswana
Auteur : Chris McIntyre
Éditeur : Bradt Travel Guides
ISBN-13 : 1841623083
Libération : 2010

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A safari in northern Botswana takes the traveller to a wilderness populated almost exclusively by wildlife. Here are the predators and their prey; here, too, are the elephants, the hippos and the astonishing birdlife of the Okavango Delta. This third edition of Bradt's Botswana Safari Guide: Okavango, Kalahari, Chobe Desert provides unrivalled coverage of the region's wildlife, environment and history, as well as a thorough evaluation of when, where and how to go. Accommodation options for all budgets - from lodges to camps and hotels - are fully revised and updatedChris McIntyre is a director of a UK travel company specialising in southern Africa. He travels regularly throughout the region, including extended trips to Botswana.

Rails Across Britain

Titre : Rails Across Britain
Auteur : David Cable
Éditeur : Pen and Sword
ISBN-13 : 9781473849136
Libération : 2017-04-19

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Rails Across Britain is a collection of full-size colour photographs of trains that have operated in Great Britain over the last thirty years. Compiled by a well-regarded author of several successfully published books showing many varying classes of trains throughout the world, this book covers the period from 1986 to the present day. It brilliantly illustrates the various classes and the huge myriad of colour schemes that have been used throughout the years, from the great days of the British Rail to the era of Privatisation. The contrast between the cash-strapped British Rail from an almost universal blue and grey colour scheme, to the well-funded privatised multi-coloured system seen today, is well portrayed in this comprehensive album, in which more than one photo of a class is shown. This selection of photographs have been specifically chosen to demonstrate an undeniably wide range of locations from Fort William in Scotland to St Austell in Cornwall, and, of course, in a variety of British weather conditions. The emphasis is, therefore, on the beauty of the train in its surroundings.